This literally is just super random and what I thought to be a cool idea to test myself and knowledge of MMA (or in this instance the UFC). I have only a few rules at the moment, given the freshness of this idea. They are as follows; I can only select one fighter to be my lock of the week and that said fighter, can only be selected once this year. I earn 1 point for a correct pick, however a wrong pick will reset me back to 0. I can add an additional 1 point to my total by picking an upset that does not reset my total if it’s wrong (That’s to make me look better). Again, this is a fresh idea and I’m sure I’ll tweak along the way!


Lock of the Day: Joseph Benavidez

Note: Something tells me to pick the biggest favorite on the card Misha Cirkunov, but I refuse to pick anyone I have no idea about. I really like Benavidez in this fight, who I think will dominate as I stated in my predictions. Makovsky is a good flyweight, but Benavidez is elite. It’s unfortunate he can’t get the job done in title fight, which seems to be the case for Team Alpha Male…but I think he might of moved on from there???


Upset of the Day: K.J. Noons

Note: Initially I was going to go with Derrick Lewis, but it seems unfair given that line keeps swaying closer to a pick-em. So, I’ll go with Noons, who I think will get it done for me. Burkman isn’t a cardio cat and shed an additional 15 pounds to make his lightweight debut…I’m not a fan of that. I think Noons will pick him apart and finish him late when Burkman has nothing in the gas tank and just winging punches.

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