UFC Fight Night: Bisping vs. Silva was good night for me, as I won both my locks of the day (I made up for an event I missed). I however can’t get any extra points picking an upset right though, but o well. Tom Breese gave me a scare, but Rustam Khabilov did exactly what I thought he’d do. Anyways, if you don’t know what this post is all about, I’ll briefly fill you in. I can only select one fighter to be my lock of the week and that said fighter, can only be selected once this year (2016). I earn 1 point for a correct pick, however a wrong pick will reset me back to 0. I can add an additional 1 point to my total by picking an upset right, which does not reset my total if it’s wrong (That’s to make me look better). I will tweak this as we go!


Streak: 3 (Lock of the Day) + 0 (Upset of the Day) = 3


Lock of the Day: Conor McGregor

Note: I love Diaz, but I can’t see how he wins this fight. McGregor doesn’t fight emotional, he fights smart and he’s precise. Diaz is not going to surprise us here and try a takedown or grapple. He’s going to stand in front, try and stalk and talk McGregor down. It’s not going to work in my opinion, as McGregor is going to work Diaz’s legs to slow his mobility down and then the body to get him tired, before going high to turn the light out. This hurts me to say, but lock it in…McGregor via KO.


Upset of the Day: Diego Sanchez

Note: I think it’s a fair assessment to give up on Diego Sanchez being relevant in the lightweight division. But, he’s not fighting an upper echelon fighter here. He’s fighting a fellow gritty veteran in Jim Miller, someone whom has not looked great in my opinion lately. It sucks to watch the decline of both men, especially Miller. Arguably he deserved a title shot at one point, only to be derailed by Benson Henderson which began his decline within the division. Anyways, I think that Sanchez’s ability to eat punches still is huge and if has to take one to give one, he will. Miller on the other end doesn’t have that ability and must get this one to the ground. I like Sanchez’s grappling and I think he keeps this upright or at the very least gets back up if he gets taken down. With that, I got Sanchez to upset Miler via decision.

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