Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop! UFC 198 proved to be a great day for me, as Maia had no issues like I thought and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua eeked out a split decision victory. I’m up to 7 now and I’m going to in my next post, have a list of fighters I selected so far to ensure I’m not using the same fighter more than once.  Anyways, if you don’t know what this post is all about, I’ll briefly fill you in. I can only select one fighter to be my lock of the week and that said fighter, can only be selected once this year (2016). I earn 1 point for a correct pick, however a wrong pick will reset me back to 0. I can add an additional 1 point to my total by picking an upset right, which does not reset my total if it’s wrong (That’s to make me look better). I will tweak this as we go!

Streak: 4 (Lock of the Day) + 3 (Upset of the Day) = 7

Lock of the Day: Paul Felder

Note: Paul Felder is such a dynamic striker and his opponent Burkman is just a tough and gritty veteran. Unfortunately for Burkman, I’m not sure he’s durable enough to take the amount of body kicks that Felder is going to unload. And, as the fight goes on, Burkman’s cardio has been super suspect. So, body shots plus bad cardio = A TKO victory for Felder. Lock it in!

Upset of the Day: Jessica Eye

Note: I wish I was more confident in this pick if Sara McMann was an elite wrestler, super athletic and physically imposing. Eye has struggled with wrestler and McMann is one of the best the division has to offer. The one thing that Eye has over McMann, is being a pure fighter. McMann just doesn’t seem like she can tap into her potential, as she’s capable of beating anyone in my opinion. Anyways, take this one with a grain of salt…

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