Can you see me now? Man I’m riding some kind of streak, which actually I’ve been thinking about recently. Could it be discredited because I’m picking all favorites, absolutely. However, now I know how Charlie Sheen feels, #winning! O yea, so I easily got T.J. Dillashaw right. I will say though, Assuncao looked pretty good for being on a layoff and I really though Dillashaw was definitely going to finish him. At least that was the only think I was wrong about, as I not only got my lock of day right, but BROCK LESNARRRR one upped me as he upset Mark Hunt. It was really impressive to see what he did for being gone from the sport for over four and half years. I mean, he beat Mark Hunt…which is absolutely ridiculous to even believe. Anyways, if you don’t know what this post is all about, I’ll briefly fill you in. I can only select one fighter to be my lock of the week and that said fighter, can only be selected once this year (2016). I earn 1 point for a correct pick, however a wrong pick will reset me back to 0. I can add an additional 1 point to my total by picking an upset right, which does not reset my total if it’s wrong (That’s to make me look better). I will tweak this as we go!

Streak: 10 (Lock of the Day) + 7 (Upset of the Day) = 17


Lock of the Day: Tony Ferguson

Note: How could I not? He’s facing a UFC newcomer like he’s some sort of gatekeeper, when in reality he’s one of the very best lightweights on the planet. Thank you in advance Tony 

Upset of the Day: Keita Nakamura

Note: Noke likes to be hot-and-cold and I also really believe that Nakamura is going to win. He’s showed a lot of talent and heart against Tom Breese, who people believe is a future contender. So, that good enough for me!


Lock of the Day Picks (So Far):  Dominick Cruz, Paul Felder, Demian Maia, Kyoji Horiguchi, Robert Whittaker, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Mairbek Taisumov, Antonio Carlos Jr., Conor McGregor, (Tom Breese, Rustam Khabilov), Joseph Benavidez, Olivier Aubin-Mercier, John Makdessi, Will Brooks, T.J. Dillashaw

Upset of the Day Pick (So Far): Dan Henderson, Jessica Eye, Mauricio Rua, Antonio Silva, Edson Barboza, Court McGee, Timothy Johnson, Johnny Case, Deigo Sanchez, Martin Svensson, K.J. Noons, Patrick Cote, Derrick Lewis, Josh Stansbury, Brock Lesnar


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