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This is an intriguing fight to open the card, especially given both are fighting with their backs against the wall. Emily Whitmire is mainly a striker with some decent grappling chops. I say decent with all due respect, as she has shown porous submission defense. In fact, of her four professional defeats, all have come via submission. As for Goldy, she is primarily a boxer, who on occasion will mix in some wrestling. While her hands haven’t yet aided her to victory, she has done a great job in landing strikes at a high output. 

As for a prediction, I’m picking Goldy. While both have struggled, it’s Goldy that has remained competitive in her fights. Goldy is also the better striker, which is where I expect the fight to mainly take place. With striking output that more than doubles Whitmire, there’s a clear route for Goldy to taste UFC victory for the first time. Now, with only one stoppage victory, Goldy doesn’t exactly possess power. Which leads me to believe that this fight goes the distance. With that said, I predict that Goldy wins via decision. 

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