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This is excellent matchmaking, as it pits a rising and fresh contender in Pannie Kianzad against a former title challenger in Raquel Pennington. Kianzad has come a long ways from her struggles in Invicta, as she’s evolved into a solid striker. Pumping a jab and a straight right, Kianzad throws each with volume, often doubling up opponents on strikes. The same can’t be said about Pennington, who normally doesn’t offer high output. Instead, Pennington uses her strength to bully opponents against the cage, work in dirty boxing and potentially mix in takedowns. Pennington also is defensively sound, often evading strikes.

As for a prediction, I’m going with Kianzad. While I expect this fight to be close, and I could see Pennington bully Kianzad with her strength, I liken the volume of the Swede to edge out the close rounds. In my opinion, I believe the judges will favor the activity of Kianzad over the stalling cage control and low output of Pennington. Well, it’s what I’m banking on. So with that said, I have Kianzad winning her fifth straight fight via decision.

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