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This is an excellent fight among truly the elite of the division. Alexander Volkanovski has been a force since joining the UFC. While early he fancied himself a wrestler, his striking has evolved into some of the divisions best. On the feet, Volkanovski has some power in his hands. However, the New Zealander mainly likes to pump a jab to set up his overhand right, as well chop opponents down with leg kicks. Volkanovski is a solid wrestler too, being physically strong and having some of the division’s best ground-and-pound. Something that Brian Ortega would like to avoid, as the striker and dangerous submission artist fancies fighting upright. Ortega in his last fight was extremely technical and accurate on the feet. With fast hands, and a mean left hook, Ortega dropped Jung two times. Something that no one has ever done to ‘The Korean Zombie’. 

As for a prediction, I’m going to side with Brian Ortega. I believe that if the same version of Ortega that fought Jung shows up in this fight, Volkanovski is in for a tough night. Ortega also happens to be one of the most dangerous submission artists in the UFC. If Volkanovski even dares to wrestle, the exposure of his neck for even a few seconds could lead to the Champion being submitted. However, Volkanovski is a cerebral fighter and I’m sure that he will only engage with Ortega upright along the face. As for the outcome of this fight. I truly believe Ortega is going to drop Volkanovski at some point and latch onto a submission. 

Pick: Brian Ortega

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