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In what could be ticketed as the battle of inactives, it should be interesting to see how both men shake off the rust in this fight. Alejandro Perez is a well rounded fighter, who mainly fancies himself as a striker. While Perez isn’t the most active nor accurate on the feet, he does a good job of picking his spots. Whether it’s attacking the body or chopping opponents down with leg kicks, Perez has often outpointed those who have struck with him. Johnny Eduardo though will oblige on the feet, as the Brazilian is a striker. Even less active on the feet, Eduardo instead loads up on his strikes. Perhaps his go to strike though, is his devastating leg kicks. 

As for a prediction, I’m going with Perez. I find it tough to believe that at 43 years old and over three years since his last fight, Eduardo is going to look all that well. Even before the layoff, Eduardo had been stopped in three of his last four fights. Durability isn’t something the Brazilian has exactly been known for, as he’s been finished in ten of his twelve professional fights. While Perez isn’t exactly a finisher, I do believe that father time will aid him in this fight. So with that, give me Perez to win via TKO.

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