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This should be a fun fight for as long as it lasts. Douglas Silva de Andrade is a powerful striker, who is measured. If given distance, Andrade will throw heavy leg kicks. While his power hasn’t translated into knockouts, something could be said about the competition he’s faced thus far. Gaetano Pirrello had a rough foray into the UFC, but the striker never got a chance to show off his standup. The Belgian is aggressive on the feet, often doing his damage inside the clinch with knees and elbows. With eleven knockout victories, Pirrello is no slouch on the feet.

As for a prediction, I have Andrade. The Brazilian has been fed to the wolves in his UFC tenure, faring well in general. At Bantamweight, his size and power translate much better than up ten pounds. In this particular fight, Andrade being the more well rounded fighter, I could very well see him wrestle more than he’s accustomed too. That being due to Pirrello’s aggression and leaky takedown defense. Again though, Andrade isn’t much of a wrestler, but he’s landed a takedown in two of his last three victories. In the end, Andrade is the better overall fighter. While he could take this fight on the feet, I do believe he brings it to the mat. From there, Andrade ground-and-pounds his way to a TKO victory.

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