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With nothing to lose, it’s interesting to see how Bethe Correia approaches this fight. While I don’t believe she has many advantages against Karol Rosa, she does have a weird ability to lure fighters into a sloppy fight. Obviously that isn’t a recipe for success, as evidence by her two wins in the last seven years. However, like most of Correia’s recent fights, this one is stylistically a tough one. Rosa has been evolving fight-to-fight, showing off ridiculous striking output in her first two UFC fights and wrestling in her most recent fight. 

As for a prediction, I have Rosa winning. I feel like this is a pretty easy fight to call. At 38 years old, Correia is clearly out of her prime. While she is as tough and game as they come, at this point, that will only aid ‘Pitbull’ in survival more than winning. Rosa is a crisp boxer who throws excellent combinations. While she hasn’t flashed power, her high output has proven to be tough to compete with. In Rosa’s first two UFC fights, she landed a combined 291 significant strikes. You’d have to combine Correia’s last six fights to get that production. In the end, Rosa is going to dominate this fight and pick up her first UFC stoppage victory via TKO.

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