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This is a fun fight, and one in which I’m interested to see where Kevin Holland is at. There is no question that ‘Trailblazer’ is a talented fighter. With size, excellent striking and cardio, Holland has turned himself into a top Middleweight. However, his leaky takedown defense and inability to avoid being smothered has cost from being a contender. With obvious needed work on his wrestling, Holland notably has made strides in this camp to improve upon that. If not, then Kyle Daukaus will have his way with Holland. The grappler has made a knack of taking down opponents, landing five in his first two UFC fights. While Daukaus can be neutralized by a wrestler like Hawes, he doesn’t have to worry about that in this fight.

As for a prediction, I have Holland. While I’m not sure what to expect with his takedown defense, I do think he has made a concerted effort to improve it. Enough so that he can stuff the majority of Daukaus’ takedown attempts. On the feet, Holland will have his way with Daukaus. With a five inch reach advantage, Holland will pepper Daukaus at range. While Daukaus has proven to be tough, I do think he will succumb to the damage. So with that said, I predict that Holland wins via TKO.

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