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This is an exciting fight, that like most Flyweight bouts, will be high paced. Tim Elliott is a workhorse. Whether he’s on the feet or wrestling, Elliott does everything at 100%. His game is centered around breaking opponents with his pace, cardio and constant wrestling attacks. While he has had his hiccups, the former title challenger seems rejuvenated during this two-fight winning streak. The darkhorse of the division Matheus Nicolau is a well rounded fighter who mixes in his striking and grappling well. With excellent counters and rare power for the division, Nicolau can be a problem to stand with.

As for a prediction, I have Nicolau. While Elliott has the style to overwhelm opponents, he has also shown an ability to put himself into disadvantageous positions. In fact, of Elliott’s nine losses in the UFC, four of them have come via submission. That’s not going to fly against Nicolau, who has finished four of his last eight fights. With solid takedown defense and grappling, Nicolau is going to make it extremely tough for Elliott to find success with his wrestling. As the rounds wane, I believe that Nicolau is going to hurt Elliott on the feet and submit him.

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