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This is an excellent fight to open the main card, as both men have zero intentions of winning by decision. It’s a fight that will be settled on the feet, and one in which could very well end within the opening minute of the fight. Julian Marquez is a powerful striker who isn’t afraid to brawl. While his takedown defense isn’t the best, he has shown the ability to pop back up. Obviously given that Jordan Wright is a striker too, Marquez won’t have to worry about that. What Marquez will have to worry about is the power of Wright. Of the Beverely Hills Ninja’s twelve wins, seven have come via knockout, including the last three. 

As for a prediction, I have Marquez. In a fight where both men are going to trade heavy shots, only Marquez has shown the durability to withstand the punishment. Wright on the other hand, has not. The other problem with Wright I have is his experience. Before debuting with the UFC in 2020, Wright had fought eleven opponents who had a combined record of 25-45. For a man that has seen the second round only twice, perhaps the level of competition coming up the ranks had something to do with that. So with that said, I predict that Marquez will win via knockout.

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