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Alex Caceres has been fighting in the UFC since 2011, and at 33 years old, may have finally hit his peak. Prior to this winning streak, the funky striker had been plagued by his fight IQ. Whether it was stiff competition or the bottom dwellers of the division, Caceres always seemed unable to get out of first gear. This run though seems to have partially changed some of that narrative. However, Seung Woo Choi presents stiff competition. A fighter who is better than Caceres’ previous four. With a Muay-Thai background, Choi is a dangerous striker. Should he continue to improve on his takedown defense, he has the potential to be a contender in the Featherweight division.

As for a prediction, I have Choi. While Caceres has excellent durability and is game regardless of the opponent, I have to point out that the current win-streak features several lower tier fighters. That’s not a knock on Caceres, but I do believe Choi is heads above anyone he has fought in that stretch. In my opinion, Choi is the better all around fighter. Having evolved each time out there and even showing off some improved offensive wrestling recently, Choi is going to be a handful for Caceres. So with all that said, I predict Choi will win this fight via decision.

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