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While the co-main event spot is big for both men, I’m assuming the UFC is using it to showcase Grant Dawson. A fighter who is 5-0 in the UFC, and has shown to be specialist at taking foes down and submitting them. While Dawson’s striking needs work, he has yet to face an opponent who he hasn’t been able to take down at least once. With fifteen stoppages in his seventeen wins, Dawson isn’t exactly someone you’d want to be dealing with in top control. However, Rick Glenn is as tough as they come. Following a layoff of thirty one months, in which he had hip surgery during, Glenn came back and starched Joaquim Silva in thirty seven seconds. While impressive, the unknowns regarding his hip and evolution during being inactive still remain.

As for a prediction, I have Dawson winning. In what should be an absolute grind of a fight, I believe Dawson will succeed in taking Glenn down over and over. While Glenn has shown excellent durability, before jumping over to the UFC, he was submitted twice. Make it three times, as I believe Dawson who has eleven submission victories, will eventually lock something up in the later rounds.

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