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If I were to dissect this fight, it begins with the notion if Yaozong Hu is truly UFC caliber. I think not. For one, Yaozong was signed after winning his first three fights against cans on the regional scene. With the UFC looking to expand in China, local talent was sought to fill out their card in Shanghai. Yaozong was fortunate to get the call, but clearly, it was too soon for the young fighter. Given the UFC has five hundred fighters or so on the roster, it’s really surprising that Hu remained on the roster after two consecutive losses and nearly three years of inactivity. Regardless, he will get his chance against Andre Petroski. A wrestler who looks to get the fight to the ground where he can implement his powerful ground-and-pound.

As for a prediction, I have Petroski. There are too many red flags surrounding Hu in his return to the octagon. While he may have size at Middleweight, that won’t aid him past the obvious skill gap. In Hu’s first UFC fight, he was taken down on all four takedown attempts and eventually submitted. Petroski’s path to victory will be no different, except he wins this fight via TKO.

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