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Zubaira Tukhugov has been one of the more disappointing fighters since joining the UFC. With a well rounded skill set that boasts solid wrestling, to see Tukhugov struggle of late is a little concerning. Obviously the competition has been better, but Tukhugov has seen his cardio and gameplan wane as the fight prolongs. Something that Ricardo Ramos knows all too well, as he has faded in nearly every round three.  However, Ramos is a fast starter who isn’t afraid to commit to either a heavy kickboxing or grappling approach depending on the opponent.

As for a prediction, I’m going with Tukhugov. Despite his recent skid, I still believe he is a talent and in this particular fight, the better fighter. While Ramos could find success on the feet, I don’t foresee his grappling coming much into play. Tukhugov has stout takedown defense and solid wrestling to neutralize that. If anyone is getting taken down in my opinion, it’s Ramos. So with all that said, in a close one, I predict that Tukhugov will win via decision.

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