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This is one of the tougher predictions to make, as both men have some red flags heading into this fight. Al Iaquinta hasn’t fought in a little more than two years, is on a two-fight skid and has been having knee issues for much of his career. When healthy, Iaquinta is one of the best Lightweights. Up until this losing streak, Iaquinta had won nine of his last eleven fights in the UFC. The reason for Iaquinta’s success is his striking. He’s excellent defensively, and at times, he’s been a high output striker. Iaquinta also has some power, as he’s tied for seventh all-time in the Lightweight division with seven knockdowns. Bobby Green can dish it out too, although he is more technical in his approach. With precision and high output, Green looks to break you methodically on the feet, while mixing in timely takedowns. However, the red flags surrounding Green though are his silly tendencies. Green likes to keep his hands low and often shakes his head when being tagged. If Green avoided doing the latter, I have no doubt in my mind, the fights he deserved to win, he probably gets the nod.

As for a prediction, I’m siding with Green. There are just too many red flags with Iaquinta heading into this fight that I would rather side with someone who’s been more active. In fact, Green has fought six times since Iaquinta’s last fight. Another reason I like Green is that he offers a little more output and isn’t afraid to mix in a takedown. Iaquinta is mainly a striker, as his 18% takedown percentage implies that he isn’t an effective wrestler. So with all that said, I predict that Green will win via decision.

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