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An exciting fight in the Middleweight division is upon us, as Bruno ‘Blindado’ Silva takes on Jordan ‘The Beverly Hills Ninja’ Wright. If I could guarantee anything about this card, it’s that this fight is going to be exciting and it certainly isn’t going the distance. Silva comes into this fight a winner of six straight and sixteen of his last seventeen. Of those sixteen wins, fourteen have come via knockout. Meanwhile, Wright comes into this fight off a knockout victory over Jamie Pickett. Having yet to see the scorecards in thirteen fights, Wright’s intentions are clear even before the bell rings. 


This fight should be fireworks for however long it lasts. Both men are finishers to the core and more often than not, waste no time putting down their opponents. Bruno Silva is a striker who has devastating power. Often winging shots with the intent to put opponents to sleep, Silva does open himself up to being taken down. Which in his last fight against Andrew Sanchez, happened seven times. Regardless, Silva won’t have to worry about wrestling against a fellow striker in Jordan Wright. With an extensive striking background, Wright has a vast arsenal of strikes in his tool chest. When in range, Wright looks to get off his kicks. When in the clinch, Wright uses the Muay Thai plum to knee opponents non-stop. In fact, both UFC victories were as a result of the Muay Thai plum knees. 

As for a prediction, I’m siding with Silva. While this fight is going to be chaotic, it’s the durability and power of Silva that I trust. Despite Wright’s record indicating only one knockout loss, he’s actually been put down twice. In a fight that was eventually changed to a no contest, Anthony Hernandez, who has one knockout victory in his eight wins, put Wright out in forty seconds. Durability aside, Wright’s resume isn’t spectacular. Before entering the UFC, Wright had fought eleven opponents who had a combined record of 25-45. In three fights in the UFC, his opponents are a combined 39-19. While much better, in terms of UFC standards, it isn’t spectacular. So with all that said, I predict that Silva wins via knockout.

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