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In the Women’s Flyweight division, we have a showdown between Sijara ‘Sarj’ Eubanks and Melissa Gatto. After a successful return to Flyweight, which resulted in a first round finish, Eubanks will look to make it two-straight. Seeing that Valentina Shevchenko is clearing out the division, the drop down to Flyweight could result in a fast track to a title shot for Eubanks. Meanwhile, Gatto comes into this fight off a successful UFC debut. A long-awaited one at that, as injuries and travel restrictions scrapped three prior fights. Unbeaten, but with two draws, Gatto will look to make up for lost time and pick up a big victory over Eubanks.


This is a solid fight in the Women’s Flyweight division, as it pits a veteran in Sijara Eubanks looking to revive her career against a rising talent in Melissa Gatto. A veteran of nine UFC fights, Eubanks has yet to find her footing inside the octagon. Going 2-4 at Bantamweight, Eubanks clearly needed a change. One in which was a return to Flyweight, a division where Eubanks is 2-0 in the UFC and if not for a missed weight cut, she would be 3-0. A fairly well rounded fighter, Eubanks is at her best when she can implement her wrestling. With heavy top control and good ground-and-pound, Eubanks can be tough to deal with. Melissa Gatto though won’t make it easy for Eubanks, as she is a grappler and submission threat. In her UFC debut, Gatto showed that grappling off, throwing up several submissions. The one glaring weakness of Gatto is her standup. Other than a jab, Gatto isn’t a threat at all.

As for a prediction, I have Gatto winning. While Eubanks should have her way on the feet with Gatto, at some point, I expect this fight to hit the mat. Eubanks is a fast starter who fades the later the fight goes. As long as Gatto can survive the early storm, when Eubanks tires or initiates the grappling, Gatto is going to take advantage. In what should be an entertaining fight, I predict that Gatto stays unbeaten, winning via late submission.

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