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In the Welterweight division, we have a showdown between Ramiz Brahimaj and Michael “The Gentleman” Gillmore. Having traded wins and losses for the past eight fights, Brahimaj has struggled to find consistency. If there is any solace, having lost his most recent fight, means he’s due for a win. A known finisher, Brahimaj has won all nine of his fights via submission. Meanwhile, Gillmore will look to move past his unsuccessful UFC debut. A fight in which he struggled to keep standing. Problematic, especially considering Gillmore’s strength lies within his striking.

As for a prediction, I have Brahimaj winning. While his striking is far from polished, his strength of wrestling and grappling is what’s going to carry him in this fight. Gillmore, a striker, has always been plagued by his inability to avoid being taken down. That and being submitted, which have been the result in three of his four defeats. Although there were moments of improvement against Andre Petroski, Gillmore was still taken down four times and controlled on the mat for nearly eight minutes. A blueprint that I expect Brahimaj to follow. That being said, if Brahimaj fails to get this to mat or has any issues, the advantage would swing to Gillmore. However, until Gillmore can prove he can keep the fight standing, I can’t see that scenario come to fruition. So with that said, I predict that Brahimaj wins via submission.

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