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We have a pivotal fight in the Bantamweight division, as Jack “Tank” Shore takes on Timur “Lucky” Valiev. A perfect 15-0, with four of the wins coming in the UFC, Shore will seek to continue his trek up the totem poll. A former Cage Warriors Champion, Shore brings vast experienced and a winning pedigree, factors that could turn him into a contender sooner than later. Meanwhile, Valiev has looked vastly better since his UFC debut. One in which he dominated, gassed out and was finished. Luckily for Valiev, the fight was overturned to a no contest. A winner of two straight, with a solid victory over Raoni Barcelos, Valiev is nearing the division’s top fifteen.

As for a prediction, I have Shore winning. While Valiev is tough out for anyone, being that he very well rounded, Shore just seems to be stronger in his strength’s than Valiev. Those strength’s being wrestling and grappling. Having completed fifteen takedowns in four fights at an accuracy of 41%, Shore has had little trouble implementing his game on opponents thus far. An evolving striker, Shore can be beaten on the feet. I’d even go as far as saying, Valiev is the better striker and can win this fight if he can keep it upright. However, Valiev has shown to have a questionable chin. Not that I think Shore is going to drop Valiev, but the Russian has been knocked down three times in three UFC fights. So if anything, Shore has a puncher’s chance should he not be able to get Valiev down. Nevertheless, I don’t think that will be the case. So with all that said, I predict that Shore will remain undefeated, winning via decision.

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