We have an intriguing fight in the Bantamweight division, as UFC newcomer Muhammad “The Punisher” Mokaev takes on Cody Durden. Coming into his UFC debut with hype, Mokaev will look to prove that he is the real deal. Undefeated as a professional and in his twenty-three amateur fights, Mokaev brings forth an unmatched winning pedigree. Meanwhile, Durden has been through it all in only three UFC fights. He’s got a win, a loss and a draw. Something which may be a first in the UFC. Coming off the victory though, Durden has a chance to find some consistency.

As for a prediction, I have Mokaev winning. No offense to Durden, who is a solid wrestler, but this fight is going to be one-sided. Mokaev is a future Champion at Flyweight, possessing a well rounded game that is highlighted by incredible wrestling and grappling. A four-time IMMAF gold medalist, the Dagestani born is a mauler like fellow countrymate Khabib Nurmagomedov. Possessing fluid striking, mixing in his strikes and kicks, there is a real possibility that Mokaev can reign over both the Flyweight and Bantamweight division. Obviously super high on Mokaev, I see it very unlikely that Durden can win this. Seeing that his strength of wrestling is out the window and his striking isn’t polished, there is nothing outside of a puncher’s chance here for Durden. Also, the deeper the fights goes, the uglier it will get for Durden. So with that said, I predict that Mokaev wins this fight via submission.

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