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The curtain jerker comes in the Featherweight division, as Luis Saldana takes on Bruno “The Tiger” Souza. Coming off his first defeat since 2017, Saldana will look to start new streak. Having previously won five straight, including a debut victory over Jordan Griffin, Saldana has turned the corner from the mediocre 10-6 fighter he once was. Meanwhile, Souza is coming off a defeat in his UFC debut. One in which snapped a ten-fight win streak and was his first since 2016. As the former LFA Featherweight Champion, Souza brings forth a talent and pedigree that could see him success at Featherweight.

As for a prediction, I have Souza winning. While I expect this to be a close fight, I believe Souza’s kickboxing will help him slightly edge out Saldana on the feet. Having a karate based style, Souza likes to keep distance and pick opponents apart. With a nice mix of leg kicks and strikes to go along with good cardio, Souza can be a tough opponent to stand with. The one worry I have for Souza in this fight, is his lack of volume. However, Saldana isn’t much better in that department and is someone who fades the later the fight goes. So with that said, expect Saldana to take the opening round and Souza to weather the storm and win via split decision.

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