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We have an intriguing fight in the Women’s Bantamweight division, as Sara McMann takes on Karol Rosa. Having lost three of the last four fights, McMann is in desperate need of win. Once a highly regarded prospect, McMann has quiet lived up to the hype. At 41 years old and with a 6-6 record inside the octagon, this may be McMann’s final act. Meanwhile, Rosa has rattled off six consecutive wins, four of which have come inside the octagon. Checking in at 12th in the rankings, Rosa is on the cusp of cracking the top ten.

As for a prediction, I have Rosa winning. While the odds aren’t nearly as far apart as I thought they would be, I consider this a mismatch. McMann is a pure wrestler, who lacks striking and submission defense. A real catch-22, as McMann’s game plan is predicated on taking opponents down and smothering them. However, she’s been submitted in four of her last eight fights. With an inability to dominate in her own strength, McMann exudes the notion of being a wildcard. What is more known in this fight, is that Rosa has excellent takedown defense, stuffing twelve of thirteen takedown attempts. Rosa is also an excellent striker, landing a ridiculous 7.88 significant strikes per minute. A number in which ranks number one all-time in the Women’s Bantamweight division and more than triples Sara McMann. Having said that, this fight won’t last very long as long as Rosa keeps it upright. And even if McMann gets this fight to the ground, by round three, she will have very little in the tank. So with that said, I predict that Rosa will win via TKO.

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