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After constant shuffling, the Heavyweight division will now feature a fight between Aleksei “The Boa Constrictor” Oleinik and Jared Vanderaa. At 44 years of age and on a three-fight losing streak, this may very well be Oleinik last stand in the UFC. Still searching for win number sixty, this would be the opportune time to cash in. Otherwise, it may have to come on the regional scene. Meanwhile, Vanderaa steps into this fight on short notice and desperately needing a victory. Having dropped two straight and three of the last four, Vanderaa’s tenure in the UFC most likely is on the line.

As for a prediction, I have Oleinik winning. While Vanderaa presents issues on the feet for Oleinik, his lackluster takedown defense leaves him vulnerable to be taken down. Something in which Oleinik looks to do in everyone of his fights, as his game revolves around grappling. Seeing that Vanderaa has been taken down eights times in only ten attempts, I don’t foresee Oleinik struggling much to get this fight to his world. One in which has seen the Boa Constrictor consume forty-six opponents via submission. Add another victim, as I believe Oleinik notches win number sixty via submission.

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