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We have a good one in the Flyweight division, as Daniel “Miojo” Lacerda takes on Francisco “Sniper” Figueiredo. Coming off an unsuccessful UFC debut, Lacerda returns to the octagon seeking to right the wrong. Before joining the promotion, Lacerda had rattled off three straight wins, all via stoppage. Meanwhile, Figueiredo will look to rebound from his first defeat since 2017. Having been involved in two close UFC fights, Figueiredo will need to do a better of implementing his game and avoiding the judges deciding his fate.

As for a prediction, I have Lacerda winning. While the odds are relatively close in this fight, the lack of striking and cardio from Figueiredo is going to be a major factor in every fight. With good grappling, Figueiredo has had a relatively easy time getting the fight to mat. However, he’s had some issues maintaining positioning and is a whole different fighter as the fight wanes on. In fact, in both UFC fights, he lost round three due his cardio woes. On the other hand, Lacerda is a karate based striker who is simply a buzzsaw. Using his full arsenal, which includes spinning and flying attacks, Lacerda looks to put his foe down early. While his wrestling needs work, he’s shown on the regional scene that he has a dangerous guard game. Something which will be important in this fight, as Figueiredo seeks to get this fight to mat. The only concern I have for Lacerda is his unknown cardio. Having only seen a round two only twice, there is a possibility Lacerda may have nothing in the tank. Nevertheless, I believe Lacerda gets Figueiredo out of there before that’s a factor. So with that said, I predict Lacerda to win via TKO.

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