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We have a scrap in the Welterweight division, as Andre Fialho takes on newcomer Cameron “The Invader” VanCamp. Looking to keep the momentum going, Fialho returns less than a month since impressively defeating Miguel Baeza via stoppage. Having yet to look phased against tough opponents, Fialho may be a player at Welterweight in due time. Meanwhile, VanCamp is set to finally make the walk. After seeing an injury scrap his UFC debut in September of 2021, eight month’s late, Van Camp will look to show off his skills inside the octagon.

As for a prediction, I have Fialho winning. While I’ve been sleeping on Fialho, it’s time to wake up. Having fought a competitive debut against Michel Pereira to then starching Miguel Baeza in his second appearance, Fialho is going to be a problem at Welterweight. Oddly enough, after two fights in the UFC, Fialho is getting a step down in competition. That’s no disrespect to VanCamp, but the truth. Fialho is a dangerous counter striker, who has power and a killer instinct. Coming into the UFC, Fialho was known to be a bit reckless and lacking of fifteen minute cardio. However, after two fights in the UFC, I’d say Fialho has improved upon both. Not to entirely count VanCamp out, but if he can’t implement his wrestling, he’s going to be in for a long night. Unfortunately for him, a scenario I see playing out. So with that said, I predict that Fialho will win via TKO.

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