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We have a scrap in the Welterweight division, as Randy “Rude” Brown takes on Khaos “The Oxfighter” Williams. A winner of two straight and four of the last five, Brown is starting to peak. As a “Looking for a Fight” signee back in 2015, the growth and evolution of Brown has molded him into a true threat in the Welterweight division. Meanwhile, Williams has won two straight and ten of the last eleven. With four of those wins coming in the UFC since signing with the promotion in 2020, Williams is certainly starting to gain steam. Especially considering he has already defeated names like Alex Morono and Miguel Baeza via knockout.

As for a prediction, I have Brown winning. While Williams is a buzzsaw on the feet, and not an ideal matchup for any striker, I believe Brown will fall on his wrestling and grappling in this matchup. Brown, being a dynamic and technical striker isn’t one to shy away from being on the feet. However, Williams is a brawler with legitimate knockout power. One to set a high pace and let power shots loose, it would be wise of Brown to not partake in his only potential downfall in the fight. Williams notably was taken down twice by Michel Perieira in his only defeat in the UFC. While Perieira didn’t maintain top control, notably due to Williams ability to power himself back on the feet, I liken Brown’s grappling to give Williams caution when doing such. Obviously anything can happen and Williams is one to disrupt a fight with one punch, but I believe if Brown goes about this smart, he can eek this fight out via decision.

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