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We have a clash in the Bantamweight division, as Jonathan “Dragon” Martinez takes on Vince “Vandetta” Morales. Having recorded seven wins since debuting with the UFC in 2018, Martinez has quietly been building himself up. A winner of two straight and four of the last five, Martinez seemingly is inching closer to finally cracking the division’s top fifteen. Meanwhile, Morales has rattled off two straight wins. Starting his UFC tenure 1-3, this win streak was much needed for Morales to progress in this gauntlet of a division.

As for a prediction, I have Martinez winning. While Morales seems to be settling in, Martinez appears to truly honing in his skills. Having won six of his last eight fights, Martinez has often been overlooked. A skilled striker, who features power and an array of leg attacks, Martinez has done an excellent job imposing his game upon his foes. Perhaps credit though to his takedown defense, which has vastly improved – seeing Martinez shrug off sixteen of the last seventeen attempts. However, he likely won’t need to worry about being taken down, as Morales is mainly a striker. One who is active and has the cardio to go a hard fifteen minutes. The concerns though that arise when Morales step inside the octagon are his takedown defense and slow starts. In fact, only once in four UFC fights that went the distance, has Morales won the first round. Seeing that Martinez isn’t someone that goes away easily or necessarily fades, I believe he should outlast Morales in a decision victory.

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