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We have a showdown in the Heavyweight division, as Parker Porter takes on Jailton “Malhadinho” Almeida. Coming into this fight on a three-fight win streak, Porter appears to be catching his stride inside the octagon. With another victory, it’s possible that Porter, at 37 year old, could crack the division’s top fifteen. Meanwhile, Almeida comes into this fight a winner of ten straight. Filling for Maxim Grishin, Almeida makes the jump up to Heavyweight. A division in which he has flirted with during his career. A pure finisher, Almeida has yet to see the scorecards in all fifteen of his victories.

As for a prediction, I have Almeida winning. Despite having to overcome a weight disadvantage in this fight, Almeida has excellent size and holds many advantages himself. While striking isn’t an area where Almeida thrives in, he has quickness, explosion and a pretty dangerous front kick. Physically strong, Almeida has little issues getting the fight to the mat. An area in which Almeida is elite, as his grappling can be overwhelming. With nine submission victories, all within the first two rounds, it is advised that opponents do everything possible to keep the fight standing against Almeida. Something which I don’t see Porter doing, even with the weight advantage. However, should Porter surprise me, he has the cardio and volume-based striking to give Almeida fits on the feet. I just don’t see that coming to fruition. So with that said, I predict that Almeida will win via TKO.

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