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We have a showdown in the Featherweight division, as Seung “Sting” Woo Choi takes on Joshua “Kuya” Culibao. Seeing a three-fight win streak snapped in a recent defeat, Choi returns to the octagon looking to get back in the win column. Having fought three times last year, Choi makes his first appearance in 2022 already halfway through the year. Meanwhile, Culibao comes into this fight off his first UFC victory. Unable to capitalize on the victory earlier due to withdrawing from a fight against Damon Jackson, Culibao returns to octagon off a year layoff – the longest of his young career.

This fight could be fireworks, as both men have been known to bite on their mouthpiece and swing. Choi is a striker, who has quick hands and some stinging leg kicks. With cardio and good takedown defense too, Choi can be a handful to deal with on the feet. However, Choi’s grappling is an area of concern. Having been submitted twice in the past five fights, Choi’s submission defense is a vulnerability that needs to be worked on if he would were to make at run at 145 pounds. The same can’t be said about Culibao, who has yet to be submitted in his career. A fairly well rounded fighter, Culibao brings forth excellent takedown defense, power, movement and distance control. A striker, who tends to use guerilla warfare-like tactics, Culibao will often dart in with his attacks and then falls back. With several twenty-five minute fights under the Aussie’s belt, his cardio is pretty good.

As for a prediction, I’m going with Culibao. While I expect this fight to be close, I believe Culibao’s striking style could lull Choi into a slower paced fight – with Culibao landing the more effective shots. Wrestling could be a key factor in this fight, which you’d think would favor Choi. However, Culibao has excellent takedown defense and despite failing to yet land a takedown in the UFC, I do believe his wrestling is evolving to a point where he should see some success as early as this fight. So with all that said, I prediction Culibao to win his second straight fight via decision.

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