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We have a scrap in the Featherweight division, as Danny “The Columbian Warrior” Chavez takes on Ricardo “Carcacinha” Ramos. Since a successful UFC debut in 2020, Chavez has yet to replicate such in his last two fights. With one fight being a loss and the other a draw, Chavez enters this fight looking to get back on track. Meanwhile, an original signee from Dana White’s Looking for a Fight, Ramos makes his tenth walk to the octagon. With two losses in his last three wins, Ramos comes into this fight needing to get back on track. At only 26 years old, Ramos still has the potential to be a name in the Featherweight division.

This could be a fairly competitive fight, but one I’d favor Ramos in winning. While Chavez has shown to be a good striker, with nice leg kicks, he lacks the volume to be impactful. Landing no more than forty-nine significant strikes in three fights, Chavez is averaging a mere 2.87 strikes per minute. With some sneaky wrestling, but not in his wheelhouse, Chavez leans on chopping opponents down and hurting them more than anything. Ramos though, is the more well rounded of the two. A grappler, with seven of his fifteen wins coming via submission, Ramos is one to avoid being on the ground with. On the feet, Ramos is more active, but isn’t the most accurate striker. He does have some flashy strikes in the arsenal and good leg kicks, but more often than not, it’s the ground where he wants the fight. Landing fifteen takedowns in the last five fights, Ramos hasn’t faced much resistance in taking foes down. Chavez having good takedown defense, will be an interesting test. One that I believe Ramos will pass. So with all that said, I predict Ramos to win via decision.

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