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The Welterweight division plays host to an intriguing fight between Ian Garry and Gabe Green. Looked upon as a future contender, Garry thus far, has lived up to the hype. Undefeated and with already two victories inside the octagon, Garry is beginning to climb the ladder. At 24 years old, time is on the Irishman’s side, but with another victory, he could find himself fast-tracked into fighting a top fifteen foe. Meanwhile, Green has rebounded nicely since dropping his UFC debut. Proving that a full camp is the difference, Green has rattled off back-to-back wins. With an opportunity to knock off a hyped young upstart, Green has a chance to create some buzz for himself.

This is going to be a fun fight, as both men have proven themselves to be solid strikers. Garry is far advanced above his age. Technical, precise and powerful on the feet, Garry can be a handful to deal with on the feet. Excellent in distance management, Garry has no issues picking apart opponents and chopping them down with leg kicks. Not many might know either, Garry has wrestling and grappling abilities that are up to par with his striking. He’s truly a complete package. However, Green will be his toughest task to date. An active striker, Green is more offensively based than defensively. Perhaps due to his toughness and iron chin, Green isn’t afraid to eat punches in order to get off his offense. Good with combinations and landing leg kicks, Green makes sure he gets off his offense. Oddly enough, Green is a dangerous submission threat. Although that part of his game is limited due to his willingness to strikes.

As for a prediction, I have Garry winning. While Green may be the more active of the two on the feet, his defensive woes will be his downfall in this fight. Absorbing 6.61 significant strikes per minute, Green is going to have to do a lot more work offensively to sway the judges. Something in which I just don’t see, as Garry is going land the more accurate and impactful strikes. So with that said, I predict that Garry will win this fight via TKO.

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