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The Middleweight division see’s a pair of fighters looking to carve out their name in the UFC, as Cody Brundage takes on Tresean Gore. Nearly staring at a two-fight skid, Brundage weathered a troublesome start, eventually nabbing a submission win. The victory was his first in the UFC, and second in the last two fights. Meanwhile, Gore is coming off an unsuccessful debut. A fight where he clearly had the power edge, but lacked the volume to keep pace with Bryan Battle. Hoping to hone in his abilities in his second appearance, Gore finds himself in the most important fight of his young career.

Given both men are relatively green in this sport, this should in essence, be a competitive fight. Brundage is a D-2 wrestler, who’s transitions while on the ground are solid. Still evolving his ground skills, Brundage has seen his last three wins come via submission. Capable on the feet, but vulnerable, Brundage can be a mixed bag striking. An area in which Gore will look to get the better of Brundage, as he is a solid striker with legitimate power. Athletic and a good wrestler too, Gore is fairly well rounded and more refined than your usual four-fight pro.

This fight could go either way, but Gore’s wrestling is the x-factor. If he can utilize it to keep the bout upright, his striking and power are going to takeover the fight. Seeing how Brundage nearly was stopped in his last fight, it gives me more assurance that Gore is going to finish the job that Dalcha Lungiambula could not. So with that said, I predict that Gore will win via knockout.

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