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An Ultimate Fighter 30 contestant in the Women’s Flyweight division will be crowned the season’s winner, when Juliana Miller takes on Brogan Walker. Proving to be one of the best in the house, Miller overcame defeating Claire Guthrie, who previously defeated her professionally, as well as submitted the experienced Kaitlyn Neal to advance to the finals. While she only has three professional since debuting in mixed martial arts in 2019, Miller is an active competitor in grappling tournaments. Meanwhile, a favorite to come out on top, Walker outlasted both Hannah Guy and Laura Gallardo to punch her spot in the finale. A staple in Invicta FC, Walker has faced a stronger level of competition and brings forth important experience into this fight.

After watching this season of TUF, I was most impressed by Miller. Known for her grappling, Miller never really forced the action to the ground. Often a willing striker, Miller proved to be exceptionally scrappy. Not the cleanliest or technical, Miller presses forwards and is relentless with strikes. Backed by excellent cardio, she can put on a pace that is hard to keep up with. And if the fight hits the mat at any point, she is a threat to put an end to the fight. As for Walker, she is mainly a striker with quick hands. Featuring a good jab and some stinging hooks, Walker can be a frustrating foe to scrap with on the feet . Most dangerous in the pocket, Walker, while not having a single knockout on the ledger, is certainly capable of ringing some bells. Where she needs to improve, is takedown defense and overall grappling.

In what should be a good fight, I’m siding with Miller. Knowing that Walker is the more technical and experience on the feet, there could be some dicey situations. However, Miller is a scrapper and will continue to press forward. Eventually, the pace and output will aide her to getting this fight to the mat. It’s there where she will be able to lock in a submission and be crowned the Ultimate Fighter winner.

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