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A bonus could be in store for the winner of this fight in the Lightweight division, as Gabriel Benitez takes on Charlie Ontiveros. A loser of four of the last five fights, with three of them resulting in stoppages, Benitez heads into this bout with his UFC tenure likely on the line. Known to avoid the judges, Benitez has seen eight of his twelve UFC fights inside the distance. Meanwhile, Ontiveros returns to the octagon seeking his first UFC victory. Hoping the third time is the charm, Ontiveros has to avoid the result of yet another chaotic fight ending in his demise. With his last eight fights ending inside the distance though and given his style, the chaos part is unavoidable.

In a fight bound to end inside the distance, the money seems to be on Benitez who scores the victory. However, on a whim, I’m going with Ontiveros. While seemingly lacking durability, Ontiveros is a buzzsaw in the opening segments of the round. Holding his hands down low and in a karate stance, Ontiveros looks to catch his opponents on the outside. Massive for the weight class, Ontiveros holds a six inch height and five inch reach advantage in this fight. An area which should help him land on the iffy chin of Benitez. The only concern outside of Ontiveros’ durability, is if Benitez wrestles. However, given Benitez has attempted only two takedowns in twelve UFC fights, I’d say it’s highly unlikely. So with that said, give me the upset minded Ontiveros to score his first UFC victory via knockout.

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