Let’s not talk about UFC Fight Night 85 please, as I absolutely bombed on the lock of the day and the upset of the day (super embarrassing display). Anyways, if you don’t know what this post is all about, I’ll briefly fill you in. I can only select one fighter to be my lock of the week and that said fighter, can only be selected once this year (2016). I earn 1 point for a correct pick, however a wrong pick will reset me back to 0. I can add an additional 1 point to my total by picking an upset right, which does not reset my total if it’s wrong (That’s to make me look better). I will tweak this as we go!

Streak: 0 (Lock of the Day) + 0 (Upset of the Day) = 0


Lock of the Day: Mairbek Taisumov

Note: It’s hard not to like the talent on Mairbek Taisumov, as he’s a very flashy striker. If he just keeps working on takedown defense, we might have a legit contender on the rise at lightweight. I have no idea who Taisumov’s opponent is, but I think this is another fight to build him up slowly. Taisumov by whatever he wants!

Upset of the Day: Timothy Johnson

Note: This pick all relies on Johnson’s gas tank, cause I expect this to be a boring three round fight. Johnson’s opponent Tybura isn’t dominant in any martial art, however he’s a smart fighter and has a knack for getting the win. Johnson is a big heavyweight with some decent power, especially in the clinch. I’m really thinking this might be a slopfest of a fight, so I figure Johnson might be able to squeak out a decision victory. Like I mentioned in my predictions, take this with a grain of salt though…

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