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This is a tough fight to call. In one corner, you have a surging undefeated fighter in Mandy Bohm, who has yet to face any competition thus far. In the other corner, you have a struggling fighter in Ariane Lipski, who dominated on the regional scene, but has yet to find that same success in the UFC. Bohm is predominantly a striker, who fights at range and is solid inside the clinch. Bohm also boasts pretty good wrestling abilities, but could use work on her top control. Lipski will hope to avoid any wrestling exchanges though, as her leaky takedown defense has not aided her in keeping fights upright. However, if this fight takes place on the feet, Lipski has shown to be effective with her mixed attack at range. 

As for a prediction, I’m siding with Lipski. While I do believe that Bohm has the better skillset, I also am bullish if she is ready for this jump in competition. It’s not like Lipski represents the division’s top fifteen, but she is a talented fighter who’s yet to find her footing. Against an inexperienced fighter like Bohm, I believe Lipski can rise to the occasion, keep the fight upright and win the striking battles en route to a close and hard fought decision.

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