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This is one of the more lopsided fights on the card, as Arman Tsarukyan checks in at a -800 favorite. The Armenian has been dominant in his three straight wins in the UFC, and most likely will continue that trend. It’s not that Christos Giagos is a bad fighter, but this just isn’t a good matchup. Giagos is a wrestler, who has landed twenty one takedowns in his last five fights. His problem has always been cardio, as the wrestling and grappling wear him down by round three. Using his physical strength, Giagos has shown to overcome his tiredness by landing a takedown and controlling foes. However, the problem is, Tsarukyan is well rounded. Not only is Tsarukyan a better wrestler, but his striking is going to cause Giagos fits.

As for a prediction, obviously I’m going with Tsarukyan. The Armenian is just too well rounded, with a way better gas tank to lose this fight. Even if Giagos manages to take Tsarukyan down, don’t expect him to be controlled. The later this fight goes, the more you’ll see Tsarukyan takeover. In the end, Giagos will fade, and Tsarukyan will pick up the TKO victory. 

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