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This should be an interesting clash of styles, as Nate Maness is a striker and Tony Gravely a wrestler. In Maness’ UFC debut, he fought a wrestler in Johnny Munoz Jr. While Maness managed to shrug off fourteen of the sixteen takedowns attempted against him, Munoz was still able to control him for a little more than nine minutes. Not only that, but Maness could only muster twenty one significant strikes due to being controlled. That leads me to Gravely, who has landed sixteen takedowns in only three UFC fights. A nightmare matchup for most Bantamweights, Gravely has only shown to be undone in the later rounds due to potential gas tank issues.  

As for a prediction, I’m siding with Gravely. While Maness is tough and durable, he has shown he can be controlled by a wrestler. Insert Gravely, who is an excellent wrestler and I don’t see this going all too well for Maness. Of course as I mentioned, should this fight exert Gravely, there is definitely a chance he leaves an opening in the third round for Maness to capitalize on. I however, am not banking on that. So with all that said, I predict that Gravely will win this fight via decision.

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