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This is a crucial fight for both men, as they both have title aspirations. Curtis Blaydes probably should have fought for a title, but the circumstances just weren’t in his favor. Unfortunately, title fights in the Heavyweight division only occur once or twice a year if lucky. Throw in the two losses to current Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou and Blaydes couldn’t be in a worse position. However, the powerful wrestler remains at the top of the division. Unless you have devastating knockout ability, Blaydes has proven to take anyone and everyone down at will. That sentiment will certainly be tested against Rozenstruik, who, although fairly untested, has shrugged off twenty four of the thirty takedowns attempted against him. With legitimate knockout power, Rozenstruik is the type of fighter that has given Blaydes problems.

As for a prediction, I have Blaydes. While I noted Rozenstruik’s exceptional takedown defense, there’s a difference between Blaydes and the rest of the division in the wrestling department. Blaydes is the UFC’s all-time leader in the Heavyweight division in takedowns with fifty nine. He also is the leader in control time and top position time. In other words, he’s in a class of his own. Obviously striking is not Blaydes forte, but he is heavy handed and the threat of the takedown leaves opponents vulnerable to getting cracked. I don’t see that scenario happening here, however I do believe Blaydes wrestling shuts down Rozenstruik. So with that said, I predict that Blaydes wins by decision. 

Pick: Curtis Blaydes

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