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When the rumors of Nick Diaz returning were churning, I’ve always thought a rematch against Robbie Lawler made sense. Neither of these legends deserve to fight younger and in their prime fighters. I mean, Diaz has not fought in seventy nine months. With the sport evolving, it’s unknown exactly how Diaz is going to perform at 38 years old. However, a fight against a struggling Robbie Lawler, who at 39 years old is no spring chicken himself is the right one for both. The fight itself should be a fun one though, as both men are strikers. Diaz offers high output, whereas Lawler carries the power edge. Diaz is very durable though, having been stopped only twice in his career. One time due to cuts back in 2007 and the other in 2002 in his fifth professional fight. Lawler too boasts solid durability, having been stopped only three times in his career. Once as Champion against Tyron Woodley in 2016, and the other two to Pete Sell and of course, Diaz. 

As for a prediction, I’m going with Diaz. While there is concern about what to expect, I do know that Diaz has never stopped training and he’s been doing triathlons during the layoff. Being excellently conditioned is going to be a factor in this fight, as it’s a five round contest. On the feet, Diaz’s high output and pace is going to be the difference. Lawler just seems too hesitant of a striker nowadays to keep up with high output. Perhaps his power can make a difference, but then again, Lawler hasn’t knocked anyone out since 2015. In what should be a fun and intriguing fight, I believe Diaz will methodically break Lawler down over the course of the fight. In the end, Diaz will win via TKO. 

Pick: Nick Diaz

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