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This should be a very grappling heavy fight, as both men have fancied getting the fight to the mat. Solecki more so profiles as a grappler though, as his striking is used more to set up his takedowns. With eight of his eleven wins coming via submission, Solecki has proven to be very dangerous on the ground. While Gordon is no slouch grappling, he’s not as much of a submission threat. Gordon is more of a workhorse, whether it be on the feet or the ground, his output is always high. That’s partly due to excellent cardio and an overall tough pace to compete with. The one problem that has plagued Gordon, is his durability. In fact, prior to the two-fight win streak, Gordon had been knocked out in three of his last four fights. 

As for a prediction, I have Solecki winning. I think being the more natural Lightweight, he should be able to impose his grappling edge on Gordon. Obviously Gordon has shown to be well rounded, but isn’t an expert in any one area. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, but against a specialist like Solecki, it could be problematic. The one thing I will say about Gordon, is that he won’t accept bottom position. Whether he’s throwing strikes or attempting to get up, Gordon won’t be allowed to be smothered. Something that Solecki has done to several opponents thus far. In the end though, I do feel that Solecki wins this fight via decision based on takedowns and overall control time.

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