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This is a tough fight to predict. The reason I say that is because it’s unknown exactly what the weight cut will do to Cirkunov. Already a physical specimen, and with a chin issue, there are several red flags that stick out in this foray to Middleweight. However, if the weight cut is done right, Cirkunov’s wrestling and submission abilities could be a real problem at 185 pounds. Jotko is mainly a striker, who is basically a point fighter. With very little power to speak of, Jotko will look to keep distance and pump a constant jab at you. While Jotko has shown some wrestling chops, he sparingly has used it of late.

As for a prediction, I’m going with Jotko. While I’m interested to see what Cirkunov’s size does for him in this division, I’m also interested to see how his chin and cardio hold up. Jotko notably has excellent cardio, good durability and solid takedown defense. All factors which to me sound like a problem for Cirkunov. In the end, I believe Jotko will score a late TKO finish on a tired Cirkunov.

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