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Andrei Arlovski may be long in the tooth, but the veteran continues to defy odds and defeat younger competition. With excellent striking technique, durability and cardio, Arlovski seemingly lulls opponents into fighting at distance. Something that the Pitbull has mastered. However, Felipe may not partake in that game. The Brazilian likes to pressure opponents and land strikes at a high output. Not afraid of the brawl, Felipe will sit down in the pocket and go toe-to-toe with anyone. 

As for a prediction, I have Arlovski winning. In what should be entirely a striking contest, it’s Arlovski who I favor. The veteran is more technical, has a sharp jab and is excellent at managing distance. Felipe’s style is fun, but in fights like this, he is going to walk forward and eat a lot of punches. As the rounds wane, Arlovski’s cardio is going to aid him in winning the later rounds, and ultimately the fight via decision.

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