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This fight will either go two ways. One, Erick Gonzalez will shutdown Jim Miller’s wrestling and grappling, and will outpoint the veteran over fifteen minutes. Two, Miller will exploit Gonzalez’s iffy grappling abilities and either control the UFC debutant or lock in his nineteenth submission victory. While I can see either scenario play out, I’m more keen on the latter. In forty nine professional fights, thirty seven of which come in the octagon, Miller has seen it all. Gonzalez literally doesn’t present a skill set that Miller hasn’t yet fought. However, Miller is long in the tooth and cardio, as well as durability issues don’t exactly improve as you age.

As for a prediction, I’m going with the veteran Miller. From the tape I’ve seen on Gonzalez, he is a pressure fighter who prefers to strike. The problem that I’ve seen in several of his fights though, is that pressure often leads him into grappling exchanges. At times, he has shown decent grappling abilities and other times he has been handled. In this fight, I believe he gets handled. The question though is if Gonzalez evades being submitted? I think not.

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