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What excellent matchmaking, as these two men are pure entertainment whenever they step inside the octagon. Brandon Davis is a gritty fighter, who isn’t afraid to brawl. In fact, he more than welcomes it. In twenty two professional fights, Davis has never been finished via strikes. He’ll need that durability, as Danaa Batgerel is a heavy-handed striker. With five of his nine victories coming via knockout, the Mongolian standout is not one to brawl with. The only weakness that Batgerel has shown in the UFC is his takedown defense. Coincidentally, lack of takedown defense is the reason why Davis lost five of his six UFC losses. I guess the silver lining here for both, is that neither wrestle much.  

As for a prediction, I have Batgerel winning. In what I expect to be an all out striking contest, Batgerel gets the nod on the feet for me. The Mongolian holds several edges, including power, striking output and striking defense. While Davis does have excellent durability, cardio and good size for the division, his pressure style seems like a recipe for disaster here. Just ask Kevin Nativadad, who was rudely met by Batgerel’s patented hooks. However, Davis’ durability see’s him go the full fifteen in a barnburner decision defeat to Batgerel.

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