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Under the radar fights like this are some of my favorites. Nate Landwehr is a madman, who has already committed to a kill or be killed style in the UFC. While it has led him astray in two fights, he does have a win over Darren Elkins. Regardless, Landwehr has made it known that he’s willing to go toe-to-toe with anyone. While Ludovit Klein may not oblige in a brawl, I do believe he will entertain a striking battle. The Slovak is an excellent counter striker, who likes to keep range and throw up head kicks. In Klein’s last eight wins, he has finished seven opponents via knockout, with three of them coming by head kick. 

As for a prediction, I have Klein winning. While I do believe he won his last fight, albeit being close, the sudden wrestling approach may have been what cost him. It’s not a knock on him trying to round out his skills, more so than implying that he shouldn’t completely abandon his strength of striking. In this particular fight, I believe Klein returns to form. Landwehr is a pressure striker, who abandons defense in exchange for getting his shots off. Klein, being that of a counter striker, is going to eat that up. In the end, I predict that Klein hands Landwehr his third knockout loss.

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