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This is an intriguing fight, and one that may comfort Danny Roberts. Not necessarily in victory, but in avoiding being finished. Something that has plagued Roberts, as he has been stopped in all four of his UFC losses. The reason I point this out is because Ramazan Emeev has yet to stop anyone in the UFC. Being that of a wrestler, Emeev has resorted to grinding out his opponents over fifteen minutes. A formula that has obviously been successful given he’s 5-1 inside the octagon. Roberts though isn’t an easy task, as the striker has proven to be a finisher, winning five of his seven UFC victories via stoppage. However, Roberts will need to be better in the takedown defense department if wants to get off his offense. 

As for a prediction, I have Emeev winning. I just think that against lesser wrestlers, Roberts has struggled to keep the fight upright. And while Emeev might not have the best takedown accuracy, his dedication to controlling his opponents against the cage while working for the takedown has led him to being successful. In fact, in Emeev’s last two fights, his takedown accuracy is 38%. However, he has a combined eight takedowns in those two fights. So with that said, I predict that Emeev will win via decision.

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